Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy birthday to you (dot, dot, dot)

Today we launched the little noodle's week-long birthday celebration with a party for she and her friends (and our friends). She'll be two on the 27th, but since most of her buds will be away for Thanksgiving we thought a party this weekend seemed like a good way to celebrate with them. This year's theme was dots. Lots of dots:

Crazy amounts of dots:

Yummy dots:

The cupcakes were a big hit, but I think the cheese puffs were even more popular.

How is it that the boys always go right for the trucks? Is that genetic?

That's okay, though, the girls worked on opening presents. The little noodle had a hand from her friend, Bug, who turned two last week. (These two go way back. All the way to Lamaze class.)

She loved hearing the Happy Birthday song - good thing, too, since we'll be singing it a couple more times this week!

Almost two, woo hoo!

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rosa said...

Happy belated Birthday Viv! You guys all look great and we wish could have been there to help her celebrate. Can you believe she's 2! Zora has been watching the video of the two of them swinging at the park and the one of them running around naked. Good times.