Thursday, November 12, 2009

m&m's make everything better

Today I swam over to the Census testing facility. Okay, I didn't swim there, but I could've. Will this rain ever end?! I digress. I got a perfect score on the test!!! Yes, it was easy but it wasn't that easy. And I did it with flare. Is that what you call it when you can't get your jacket off because you got the zipper stuck the minute you arrived? When your are soaked from head to toe because even though your awesome husband and child dropped you off at the building, you forgot to grab an umbrella and attempted to enter through two locked doors first? When you fill in your application with personal, umm, legal information about yourself unnecessarily thus making you that wierdo who is writing in an explanation of your current life circumstances while everyone else sits and waits for you to finish. Embarrassing! But not too much different than pouring it all out here I suppose.

So, I'll leave you with this visual instead. The sweetest little noodle in the whole wide world baked cookies with her mama this afternoon. We both got a chance to wear our favorite aprons and lick the batter from the bowl. Then we added m&m's to our creation. Then we ate m&m's. Then we ate cookies. Then we danced around the living room in a sugary haze of happiness. Or something like that. Guess what? There's video, and it's coming soon! Now I have to get back to watching Grey's Anatomy ... I mean, babysitting.

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