Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is there any news?

Because it's Wednesday. Because the little noodle is taking a long nap. Because I've exhausted all other ways to spend my time quietly so as not to wake that sleepy noodle, today is the day I chose to launch this blog. It's taken, oh, an eternity. But for those who are familiar with my current life situation, you might say it was a good idea to find an outlet.

Each day for the last nine months since my husband had to shut down his business has changed me right down to my very core. Not one day goes by that I am not filled with so much joy or so much sorrow that I am moved to tears. It's the joyous tears that always catch me off guard, but they are very much present. See, there's a lot of good stuff happening in this crummy situation of unemployment, house uncertainty and personal financial disaster. Good stuff like friends who have "employed" us, fed us and cared about us just because. Good stuff like being forced to start over with evaluating who we are and what we want from this life. Good stuff like finally grasping how little we do need to be happy. Good stuff like the knowledge that we will lose our house but not our home.

I'm not the chatty person I used to be. I don't answer the phone anymore, and when I return calls I am really hoping it goes to voicemail. I would much rather write and be written to. And I have found that this really helps to avoid the question, Is there any news on the ... job front, house front, etc. If there was any news, I would be shouting it from the roof top!

I'd be glad for you to take this journey with me. And my wish for you, no matter who you are, is that you never experience the bad that our family is going through but that you often experience our joy. It's there and it's going to carry us through.

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