Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gone too soon

Ah, fall, season of all seasons. The season I look forward to all winter, spring and summer. The season that reeks of nostalgia on so many levels. One whiff of your crisp air and I'm a child again climbing trees in the woods with my stepbrother. Carpooling to dance classes with the windows down. Cheering from the bleachers for the high school football team. Going to frat parties wearing slightly less clothing than what was appropriate for your cool breezes. Then, more recently, getting married in a wooded grove on one of your most perfect days. Driving home from the hospital with a newborn, the leaves in the driveway crackling as we pulled in. Fall, I've got nothing but love for ya. Almost.

Two weeks ago, you brought out the big guns. Leaves! Leaves in one million amazing color combinations ... in my neck of the woods anyway. I'm not a religious person, but in one word I'd have to say it was glorious. And lucky me I live on an acre of (pre-foreclosure) wooded property that backs up to the James River. We don't see the river much, just in the winter and early spring. But this afternoon while the little noodle was napping I happened to glance out the window and there it was. River. Who is crazy enough to complain about a river view?! That would be me, the one that sure will miss the leaves that blocked its view.

Fall, you fell too fast. Don't worry though, you'll always be my favorite. Those other seasons don't hold a candle to you. But in this final fall that I'll live on the acre of wooded property in the gorgeous house that we can't afford, couldn't you have stuck around a little longer?

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