Friday, November 13, 2009


Every couple has some special thing that becomes a part of their relationship, wrapped up in their love. Maybe it is the site of their first date, a favorite vacation spot, a particular wine, or even a TV show Whatever it is, it speaks to that couple in a different way than it does to the rest of us. And it makes them happy.

Today I'm thinking of mine and Mac's special thing. It used to be a Tuesday thing. Then it was a Thursday thing. For a while there it was a no day thing because we couldn't bear to spend the $11 on it. But lemme tell ya, it's back in full force and it's a FRIDAY thing! Yes, our thing is Chipotle. It's been our thing for almost our entire relationship.

My favorite Chipotle memory is from the night that Mac proposed. No, he didn't pop the question over a burrito (and if he had, I would've totally down with that). Mac took me to one of our favorite secret spots in DC, our own little island on the National Mall. He arranged an amazing picnic, he brought along a gorgeous ring. It was perfect. And what better way to mark a perfect occasion than to top it off with a trip to Chipotle? We were the smiling-est two people to ever approach the counter, I'm sure of it. Maybe they thought we were on drugs. Maybe they were blinded by my sparkly new ring. Maybe they just got it - that on a special night you need your special thing.

I get a little confused when I meet someone who doesn't feel the Chipotle love. Someone who prefers another burrito. Someone who just doesn't get it - the cilantro lime rice, the zippy salsa verde, the fresh guac. Oh, and the quantities. I love that you can get enough out of one burrito to feed a family of four - or you can do what I do and eat it all by yourself in one sitting. Yum-ola.

So, because it's Friday and because we love each other tonight is Chipotle night. I hope you'll find a way to do your special thing tonight, too. You deserve it!

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rosa said...

We found where a Chipotle is out here and I thought of you guys...I wonder if I can think of Chipotle without thinking of you :)