Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pumpkin pie, oh my

So while I continue to avoid finishing the two posts I've been struggling with recently, I thought you would get a kick out this picture of the little noodle helping me make pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving morning.

Since it's the season for being thankful, I'm thankful for a two-year-old who melts my heart daily. Couldn't ya just squeeze her, sticky batter fingers and all?

She was so brave at her two-year checkup today. No crying during the exam. Not a peep when she got the flu mist. And just a few tears when she got her final HIB vaccine. The minute I mentioned lollipop, she was a happy little camper again. This is a huge change from ALL of our previous visits. I'm bummed that I forgot to ask our nurse practitioner whether there's any validity to the myth that your child will double in height from the height they are at age two. If it's true, my not-so-little noodle will be exactly six feet tall. Wow! You go, girl!

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AudreysMama said...

Every toddler I know is going to be at least 6 feet tall according to the "formula", but I'd say Vivi has a better chance than most of being a tall gal. She's adorable!