Monday, December 14, 2009

Washington, CD

This just in - the Maccaroni family actually left our den of misery (okay, it's really not that bad) for three fabulous, carefree days! Mac and his brother departed for a weekend in Dallas on Saturday morning for what might have to go on record as being the best birthday/Christmas present ever: an all-expenses paid trip to see the Cowboys play at their new stadium. If you're a lifelong Cowboys fan as these two are, it's a big deal.

And rather than mope around Richmond feeling sorry for ourselves and missing Mac, the noodle and I spent some girl time in what she likes to call "Washington, CD." Long story long, my little bookworm of a noodle got hold of some of the many books I have that are all about the sights around our nation's capitol. She's a bit obsessed with them. I'll bet she can name more DC landmarks than most adults. However, to her, it's Washington, CD. And because I'm her mama and I think everything she does is simultaneously adorable and perfect (except when it's not), I don't correct her.

Why do I have these DC books you ask? Oh, I bought them in preparation for the worst date ever ... with Mac, whom I later married in spite of it. We participated in Urban Challenge which is basically the Amazing Race of yesteryear. I don't know if it even exists anymore. But just imagine a couple going on the Amazing Race on their third date. It wasn't pretty. I dodged his phone calls for days afterward and then once he'd finally given up on me I came around. It wasn't his fault that I'm not competitive and despite having run a marathon, I hate running. The funniest part is that on our one-year anniversary, the Washington Post published a photo of one miserable Jamie and one desperate-to-please-Jamie Mac during the previous year's race. I wish I had a scanner so I could plunk it on here. That's one picture that tells a thousand words. Alright, enough off-topic-ness...

The noodle and I had such a wonderful time in DC. We saw some of our favorite people:

The "nanny family" - I worked for them for 3 1/2 years, only leaving to start my own fam. Over the years they became not only like family but also some of my closest friends. And the noodle could not be more crazy over their two girls.

The BFF - The noodle and I lost our favorite Richmond mama and her sweet daughter to DC a couple of months ago. The girls talk about one another all the time and were so happy to be reunited (as was I!). Here they are goofing around in the pack and play:

And here's what happened when I told them to go to sleep - pretending of course! Sorry, for the extreme close-up, but I am surviving on a zoom lens until further notice:

100% sweet! Have I mentioned how much I love having a little girl?!

We also saw my favorite Brit whom I sadly forgot to photograph. She had the unlucky timing of watching me have a meltdown over a parking ticket (You've all been warned - I'm a crier). And we got to see tons of the noodle's favorite DC landmarks and the National Zoo. Even more fun than the real animals was this panda statue. She actually kissed it! Twice! Ew.

It was a terrific weekend all around. I know I'm not the only Maccaroni who was sad to come back to Richmond, but we're due in court tomorrow so a mini-vacation will have to do for now.

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Kendra Morrison said...

Ha - stupid parking enforcement! Not the end of the world, thankfully! Miss you in CD! x