Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell, 2009 - part 1

Excuse me while I wax triumphant... 2009 will be over in SEVEN HOURS and I did not fall down and die. Or quit. Or run away. Or refuse to get out from under the covers. Yay! And rather than bore you with the oh-so-long list of crummy things this ill-fated year brought upon my family, today I'm sharing some of the happy memories:

January - Toasted my longtime friend at her wedding in Florida. Yay, Pope-mintras!

February - Turned 32, had awesome, amazing, then-pregnant friend babysit for a rare opportunity to ditch the sweatpants and go enjoy some sushi! Doesn't Mac look cute with scruff? Don't tell him I said so or he may just quit shaving altogether.

March - Enjoyed our first big snow with the little noodle. What a fun day we had taking her sledding! It was my first time sledding too, as if you couldn't tell.

April - Successfully matched floral shirt to real flowers. Nah, that wasn't really the highlight. But, the location, Maymont (what I consider Richmond's version of Central Park) really caught on with the noodle, and we visited daily for a while there.

May - All the really good stuff started up... our favorite farmer's market opened for the season. These are my two sweeties on opening day.

Oh, and the Children's Museum turned on the water in its 'backyard' ... so fun! We spent a lot of time there over the summer, as I'm sure we will also do in 2010.

June - Got some face time with my dear friend who deserted me on the East Coast while living out her dreams on the West Coast. (I've got nothing but love for you, Drea!!)

Also in June - Father's Day. The noodle got Mac such an awesome gift this year - the iBert. Sounds very techie but it's actually a bike seat, and she and Mac loved it!

In fact, the noodle loved it almost as much as she loved her "googly eyes" helmet and drinking from the Camelback.

to be continued ...

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Kate said...

Love it! Great way to say adios to a crappy year. Hope the move has gone well. Will call you soon. Miss you!