Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Misconceptions

It snowed here in Richmond, and it snowed quite a lot. The little noodle and I first noticed flurries while getting geared up to go pick Mac up from work on Friday night, and the first words out of her mouth were, "IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!" Then, yesterday while looking out at the snow she said, "Reindeer are coming!"

She also has it in her head that she is going to see Santa and that he is bringing her presents. Where did she come up with these thoughts? Not from Mac and I. And outside of Elmo and Einstein videos, she doesn't watch TV. We did look at "The Legendary Santa" at the local Children's Museum, but she wouldn't go near the guy. Heck, we don't even have a tree. And before you go thinking I am a big grinch of a mama, please remember that we are moving in a couple of weeks and that buying a Christmas tree falls way, way down on our current list of priorities.

So, where does a two year-old come up with ideas about Christmas? I was under the impression that her "school" was a place for running around and socializing while I go to the grocery store in peace one half-day a week. Maybe I'm getting a little more than I'm paying for. Still, I don't really think they would be pushing the whole Santa, reindeer, present thing at her Christian school. Wouldn't it be more fitting for her to come home talking about baby Jesus in the manger?

So, it's not Mac or me or TV or school, which leaves what? Could it be that her Bunny Grahams and Spaghettios are somehow laced with messages directly from the North Pole to make her want the big guy in the red suit, his red-nosed reindeer and - of course - all of that loot? Yeah, that must be it.

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