Monday, February 8, 2010

These are a few of my favorite (winter) things

Winter is not messing around this year, people! It's all snowy with more snow in the forecast. And this is Richmond! Virginia! Seriously.

The noodle and I are truly outdoors people but not so much when it's freezing. Plus, once we spend 20 minutes getting geared up in what the noodle considers appropriate winter attire (on this occasion it was my scarf, bunny ears, a broom and a Cheez-It roadie), she's often ready to come right back inside and beg for hot chocolate.

Anyhow, since we can't hit the playgrounds or our favorite park, we're finding new ways to amuse ourselves. While it would be fun if this list included things like escaping to Mexico for a while, we've had to get a little more creative this year. Here goes...
  • Penguin potato prints - say that fast three times
  • Freeze dance parties - dance... freeze... dance... freeze... giggle hysterically... repeat
  • Performing guitar duets - I hold down the chords and she strums... we play a mean "Octopus' Garden"
  • Visiting Busytown
  • Baking ... you know, I should call it what it actually is - licking batter from the bowl
  • Cleaning the house - I have no idea why she thinks this is fun, but I'll take it!
  • Reading the newspaper - at least someone in this house finds the Richmond Times Dispatch worth reading
  • Three-hour naps - thank God!
  • And when all else fails, the noodle is all about Elmo's World, or what I like to call "20 minutes of sanity"
Anyhow, there's more snow in the forecast for tomorrow, so chime in. What are your favorite winter activities? We're going to need all the help we can get.

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