Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day discoveries

Oh my. I have seen some things. Turns out that on Valentine's Day most families in the city of Richmond are at Krispy Kreme, mine included. Mac, Grammie, the noodle and I decided on a whim to go try their heart-shaped donuts for a morning snack (because a breakfast of blueberry heart pancakes was just not enough). We'd never been in a Krispy Kreme, but I have a sneaking suspicion we'll be back roughly every time we drive past it. Anyhow, the point is that it was an absolute zoo. A loud, kid-filled, sugary zoo. And it was 100% perfect.

But that's not all I saw yesterday. I also discovered that we aren't the only family desperate enough to get some fresh air and exercise for our child to patronize a playground that's still covered in snow. It was fun in a dangerous, break-your-back kind of way.

What else? I discovered Ledo Pizza and their claim is true... they really don't cut corners. I also found that they keep one of the two front doors locked there. This is good to know for next time so that I can avoid knocking the noodle's head into a door while carrying her kicking and screaming out of the restaurant because she chose to lay down on the floor instead of put on her jacket like a normal person. Uugh.

Another discovery... men were willingly shoe shopping at DSW with their wives and girlfriends and (gasp!) offering good advice. Some men were even there alone picking out shoes for their sweeties. Heels were popular. I don't know if I could be more shocked than if Mac gave me a pair of heels for Valentine's Day. I'm sure they'd be great for wearing at the playground.

But speaking of Mac and Valentine's Day, he gave me the one thing I wanted but was afraid to ask for. Did you guess yet? I'll give you three tries. No, it wasn't chocolate. Or roses. Or juicy pear jelly bellies. It was Chipotle. Normally, I wouldn't be afraid to ask for Chipotle, but I have been splurging ever since Friday night's birthday festivities, followed by a night of drinks and dancing Saturday night and of course pancakes, donuts and pizza already on Sunday. Don't worry, I worked out for about 45 minutes - I'm sure I burned it all off! : )

*** this photo taken before the infamous splurge of Valentine's Day 2010


AudreysMama said...

gorgeous couple! Happy February!

rosa said...

you guys look great!!