Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's all about the hot chocolate

Yay, more snow! We were all excited about the snow on Friday night. How much would there be? I just hoped it would be enough for the noodle to play in (you know they talk it up on the news). Well, let's just say there was plenty. It's yet another winter wonderland in Richmond.

Meet our new snow fort. Blink, and you'll miss it (but we love it just the same).

It snowed all day Saturday, but that didn't keep us inside.

Sweeping the snow was popular (see the cat in the window? she is constantly plotting her escape).

So was warming up with a cup of hot chocolate. I've never seen anything like it. Let's just go with this - the noodle is a big, big fan.

Nobody comes between me and my hot chocolate.

But it's tricky, too, because now she asks for hot chocolate after every trip outdoors. We've had the talk about how it is a "sometimes" treat, but that hasn't resonated yet. Darn two year-olds and their memory/verbal skills.


Laura said...

Vivi and Cady should make a good team. My bug is all about the marshmallows and not so much the hot chocolate.

jamie said...

Those two will always make a good team! Regrettably, though, Vivi loves the marshmallows almost as much as the hot chocolate. When are we getting together?

AudreysMama said...

what a cutie pie. Sounds like someone needs to buy hot chocolate at the wholesale club!! Btw, Audrey saw your blog tonight and asked your names. She thinks is is the coolest and funniest thing ever to be a Maccaroni!!!

jamie said...

It is definitely funny and cool! Audrey Maccaroni has a good ring to it, too! Send her on up anytime : )

ps - Buying hot chocolate (and everything else that is fun, apparently) is what Grammie is for!