Friday, November 5, 2010

The one where I'm super duper busy

So, the blog has been neglected, and I think you two (three?) readers might like an explanation. Here it goes. I got pregnant (yay!), have managed to stay pregnant through the first trimester (double yay!) and am now working part-time and loving it. Oh, and of course I'm still the full-time mom of my sweet, crazy noodle who will be three in just a few weeks!! So, things have been just a tiny bit busy. But it's cool.

I am feeling great in case you were concerned. The first trimester was filled with breakfast burritos and wonton soup but no sickness. I may actually stick with the breakfast burritos and wonton soup for a while ... just to be sure : ) The baby is due sometime in May. I'm not getting hung up on a specific due date this time because, well, due dates are pretty ridiculous. May should be pretty accurate though. We are looking forward to finding out the sex of the baby next month and will share ultrasound pictures when someone offers to scan them for us. Don't all raise your hands at once!

As far as work is concerned, I am doing some contract PR & Marketing work for Children, Incorporated, an international non-profit based in Richmond. Right now I'm planning a fundraiser and developing collateral materials for them. And sometimes I'm doing crazy things like making spur-of-the-moment appearances on the local news. Lovely. But it's an amazing organization and I hope to continue to work with them in some capacity over the next few months.

Oops, gotta go rescue the noodle from her "gated community" ... I'll try to keep the updates coming!


olivedirect said...

Yipee! Congratulations for all the fun and exciting news on the way! A happy dance was performed in your honor. ;-). Hugs all the way around.

AudreysMama said...

Triple yay for the Noodle family! So many blessings to celebrate!!!

theloushe said...

Congrats, happy almost-birthday, and so glad to find you here!

EYates said...

Congrats on all the great things happening to you guys!! So happy for you all!! Can"t wait to hear what you are going to be having! :)