Friday, November 19, 2010

What a difference a year makes

Wow, I just realized it's been a year since I started this blog as a place to ponder, vent and share the news of what was a very difficult time in my life. We were then nine months into unemployment, losing our house, living on other people's generosity and learning how to be seriously scrappy. It sucked. And it wasn't over yet.

Publicly, I was trying to stay strong for my family and be grateful for our love, good health and great family and friends. Privately, I was sad, embarrassed, upset with myself for making bad decisions and wondering if Mac and I would come through that mess one piece. Would you believe that was the easiest part? Staying united and supporting each other was one thing we could control, and so we did.

We moved on in many ways over the course of the year. Our lives as homeowners ended as well as it could, and we oh-so-gladly rent now. Our lives as unemployed or underemployed ended and were replaced by Mac's re-entry into the CPA world with not one but TWO jobs in the last four months (he was sought out by an exciting niche firm and starts the week after Thanksgiving) and my leap back into the non-profit arena which I'll continue consulting on until my due date nears.

And speaking of due dates, two unsuccessful pregnancies were replaced by one that now at 15 weeks seems to be going just fine. Another baby! At last!

These days, my worries are more along the lines of whether to take my chances on finding a good, fresh Thanksgiving turkey or to go the frozen route. Pondering whether to order from Domino's or Papa John's for the noodle's birthday party. Wondering what to call the new baby since "the noodle" is already taken. Questioning whether hypnobirthing would work for me and if this baby would please, please come naturally sometime before 42 weeks. You know, typical "Jamie" stuff.

There's no question we have much to be thankful for this year. And, so next week when we squeeze around the table in our eat-in kitchen with as many family and friends as we can fit, I might be especially misty and it won't be because of the hormones. We survived! And it's no mystery to me how we did it. We owe so much to those who helped us along the way with money, odd jobs, shoulders to lean on, wishes and prayers. And we're now charged to repay those debts or to pay them forward... a task we are happy to embark on immediately.

My heart is filled with gratitude, and my wish for you is the same as it was when I first posted one year ago - that you never experience the bad that our family went through but that you often experience our joy. It's there and it's going to carry us through.


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AudreysMama said...

So many things to be thankful for, indeed. Many blessings to you and your strong, beautiful family.
I know several people who had acupuncture after 39 weeks to induce labor and within 24 house they popped out a baby, so maybe that would be something to consider. Happy Thanksgiving!