Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the latest and "greatest"

So, here's an update. Mac has a full-time, permanent job now. Yay! Unfortunately, I'm a lot happier about it than he is, so let's just celebrate quietly, okay? Okay.

What else? The noodle has made the transition from crib (oh how I miss the crib) to a crib without a railing on one side, also known as a toddler bed. I had no plans of making the switch yet, but last week she climbed over the top of the crib and into a bassinet I keep beside it with all kinds of toys and books that she used to happily play with for long stretches of time in the morning and after her nap. It was pretty funny seeing her sitting in a bassinet, actually. Here's what's not so funny to see - the noodle in my room at 6:00 am. Oh, or the noodle coming down the stairs three times after being put to bed because "there's a seven on the clock" (she knows she's allowed to come out of her room at 7:00 - in the morning, not at 8:07, 8:17 and 8:27). Super fun. She knows how to read the clock, so don't feel too sorry for her confusion ... she's just playing us, and winning. Two-year-olds. They can't be avoided, can they?

Also, since Mac's new job is a bit of a haul from our house we are finally making the switch to being a two-car family. Until we find a car, the noodle and I continue to walk everywhere and/or harass our friends until they offer to come pick us up and take us someplace. It's lonely I tell ya. I'm hoping we'll find a suitable second car sometime this week. Miracles do happen. Please let me know if you know of anyone selling a cheap, reliable car.

And, finally, here's the news I'm sure you've been waiting for: I'm learning how to knit! Yippee! What did you think I was going to say? Did you know that 99.9% of my girlfriends are pregnant? It's true. This is the era of babies. What can I say? I still think we'll have a second child. I just don't know when or if we'll change our minds at some point. It's kind of crazy to imagine having a baby again. They grow into two-year-olds, you know!

Oh, and I almost forgot one tiny tidbit ... I just survived yet another round of the bird flu! And this time I didn't even have to consult webmd. I totally called it! : )


AudreysMama said...

Congrats to Mac on the full time job!! Where/what is it?? I hope you find a second form of transportation soon. We love you!

AudreysMama said...

pot your new family pics already!!! They are wonderful!!!!